The Dandelion Model

The Dandelion Model is the name we give our ethos in Specialisterne Foundation, and the Specialisterne licensees around the world. It encapsulates the overriding set of management principles embodying the values of Specialisterne Foundation, and codifies the Specialisterne materials made available to new licensees. 

The Dandelion Management Model enables our stakeholders to learn from our experiences in managing high-functioning people with autism. It is a model that focuses on how best to make people with autism feel wanted in the workforce and how to create the right environment in which they can excel. There are four main areas of the model:

  • The Dandelion Philosophy
  • How we define and understand “specialist people”
  • How best to meet individual requirements in order to build a comfort zone for the individual
  • How to define what tasks and job profiles are best suited to the individual
The Corporate Sector can:
  • Harness the full potential of their employees
  • Recruit from a pool of talented and innovative resources
  • Better manage employees who do not fit in or who are not realising their full potential
  • Add new dimensions to company research and innovation with people with autism
The Public Sector, Social Workers and Local Municipalities can:
  • Work with a model that helps them understand and support people with autism in a new and better way
  • Be better at including people with autism in the labor market
  • Get a thorough real-life assessment for clients in an assessment programme where the setting in a real company (Specialisterne) with real assignments
  • Gain an economic and social return on investment with clients who either gain real employment or who are better equipped to independently pursue job opportunities
  • Help make a social impact by supporting a model that helps people with autism make the transition from passive receivers to active contributors