Sp-customersIn 2004, Specialisterne Denmark was founded as the first company in the world to base its business model on employing people with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum . Our vision is to make Denmark a place where specialist people thrive and excel.

We harness the characteristics of autism in a positive way and provide valuable services for the corporate sector on market terms. The company exclusively hires employees with ASD as consultants and offers the following services:

Assessment and training: Since 2004, we have provided assessment and training for almost 200 individuals with an autism diagnosis. With a three to five month-long individual assessment, we clarify their strengths, weaknesses, special aptitudes, capabilities and interests, and map out their needs for support, guidance and environmental adjustments in order to perform in a job situation. This assessment results in an individual mapping of their personal, environmental and professional capacities and needs. People who have the right skill set may then be hired as consultants by Specialisterne Denmark.

Business services: Forty percent of our assessment activities result in employment as an IT consultant in Specialisterne Denmark. Specialisterne now has 34 consultants who solve valuable IT tasks such as software testing, data registration, quality control and information packaging for a number of the leading IT and telecommunications companies around the world.

Specialisterne school: In September 2009, Specialisterne Denmark started a three-year education program for young adults from 16 to 24 years old with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The purpose of the program, is to create a holistic approach to education which, besides teaching traditional subjects, also focuses on social and cultural understanding, health and well-being, as well as social behaviors and skills. The school cooperates closely with Specialisterne business partners and supports the students with internships and work experience.

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